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SteamPunk Vehicle

This is the hero asset that I created for my Master's Degree final project, and I just wanted to create a different entry in my portfolio to talk a bit more in deep about it because the great results that I could achieve working on it.
As you can see, this assets is a steampunk style vehicle designed to run over floating rails created on the scene. I decided to designed with a boat-like shape due to the importance of the water in the environment, but endowed with a hard surface wheel system to make it capable to run over the rails mentioned before.

The modelling process was entirely done in Autodesk Maya, where I created first a low poly model to later create the high poly model by taking into consideration certain techniques such as bevels. Once I was happy with both low and high poly models I also split the model into baking groups to achieve the best baking results.

The textures were done in Substance Painter following a PBR workflow, where I created from cero every material that you can see on the asset. Please also notice that the UV space has been divided into 6 different UDIMs to achieve a better image resolution due to the size of the asset.

This scene was only created to show the asset, but if you are interested to see the asset into Unreal Engine 4 please visit:

I hope you like it!

Wireframe (40.000 triangles), Base Color, Normal Map and Roughness.